What makes our milk paint stand out

In producing this paint we were using a milk protein, clay, lime and earth pigments like umber, ochre, iron oxide and many others. The lime, for example, is alkaline. Mix it with acid milk and becomes inert when we. We are proud to say that we don’t use any chemical preservatives or fungicides. This milk paint doesn’t contain any hydrocarbons or other petroleum derivate. It’s very important to know that the paint is eco-friendly. There is nothing toxic in it. It is safe to be used on children’s toys and furniture. It is also recommended to be used for homes and interiors of people who have allergic reactions to modern paints. The milk paint is also known for its authentic look. Its main characteristics are the rich colors this milk paint has, authentically reflect color that can usually be found on antique buildings and furniture.

Get that old country look with ease

The milk paint usually made in limited series and we use only earth pigments in ours. On the other hand, modern paints can’t compare their colors or the texture of the finish to achieve that “old country look” which became very popular lately. It’s also good to know that the milk paint is the same one that has been used centuries ago, and it won’t fade like modern paints do. Speaking of the color, many variations are possible. Milk paint can give you an antique matte surface, on its first applying. For making a semi-gloss look, you just simply need to burnish the painted surface. If you want to get a “time worn” looking textured surface, use our milk paint with an Antique Crackle and this kind of result is guaranteed.

Our milk paint comes in the form of dry powder which gives you control over the thickness of the paint weather you want to use it as a full cover coat, for stenciling or for wash/stain. You can use various tones and hues to change the color of the paint. Here is one nice example: seven tablespoons of Dark Black to two pints of Dark Green can make a marvelous dark green color that can be used for garden chairs. The options are practically limitless. You can experiment for yourself with all kinds of tones and hues until you come up with the color you’ve wanted. The most important thing is that the paint is eco-friendly and non-toxic so you don’t have to worry about any health problems.