Do it yourself

If you are thinking about changing something in your house, the first thing when it comes to renovating are floors. Our advice is to use engineered wood floors because they are resistant to moisture and easy to install. They can be a great alternative to traditional hardwood floors. Hopefully these instructions will be helpful in installing engineered hardwood floors in your home.

First thing to do before installation is to make sure that your subfloor is clean and dried. Take your tar paper and roll it over the clean subfloor while using a staple gun to affix it. Tar paper prevents from condensation from the floor below, which can cause the damage to your new floor’s underside. After doing that it’s time for placing your floor pieces. Lay down one row of planks next to the longest wall in the room.  It is recommended to place your wooden pieces so that the tongue side faces the wall.

If you find it hard to get the planks together, try using a rubber mallet to stick them together. Following these instructions continue to place your planks in the rows. When you reach the far side of the room, chances are, you will probably have some difficulties when you get to the last row. In that case, you should get finish nailer to nail through the face of boards. Make the holes only on every 8 or 12 inches. Now you see that the end is near, there are just few more things to do.

If you need to get rid of the seams between the floor and the wall, use your baseboard and place it at the base of the wall but be sure to paint it before you attach it. To avoid natural color variations of the floor from piece to piece, it’s time to take your Milk paint in wanted color and paint the floor, you can also use it to paint you baseboard. After letting it dry, it’s time to use our Pure Tung oil so your floors stay safe and waterproof. At the end, spice it up with our non-VOC wax for marvelous shiny look.