Everything to know about our wood finishes

We are offering you numerous kinds of great products that are used as wood finishes. At our place you can find: Finishing oils, Finishing creams and pastes and Waxes. Here are descriptions for every each of them and you can read some important things about the product and what is the best way to use it.

Wood finishing oils, glazes creams and pastes

If you are searching for the ideal protective finish to complete your current painting project, or you want to add a signature touch to your favorite piece of furniture, these finishes are the best choice.

Pure Tung Oil

This oil is in use since the ancient times, known as the best waterproof wood finish. Once the paint is dry, a protective layer is formed over the wooden surface. Tung oil is used to protect paint and as an oily finish for the wood. It looks great on floors, decks, doors or cabinetry. It’s food safe so you can use it on cutting boards and counters.

Natural Citrus Solvent

This product can be used as an alternative for paint thinners, and you can also use it as a degreaser. The two main ingredients are pure orange peel extract and water. It is environmentally friendly product that doesn’t contain any surfactants or additives like others standard paint thinners.

Finishing Crams and Glazes

Any finishing cream or glaze is odorless, VOC-free and water-based. They are easy to apply and they come in various colors and their job, other than looking great, is of course to protect your wooden surfaces. You can also choose dead flat and low-sheen options depending on what you want to achieve.

Chippy Paste

For those who are looking for some creative and rustic wood finish look, this chippy paste which can help you to easily create a chipped effect. This paste can make an interesting and unique finish to all of your projects because it allows you to control where chipping occurs.


If you want to protect your favorite wood pieces and if you want them to shine and sheen, there is nothing better than a wood wax finish. For example a Zero VOC wax is made from a blend of walnut oil and beeswax. It’s green and Eco-conscious and it creates a permanent wax finish which means that you can without fear use any cleaning product and it won’t be wiped away or melted. It is very easy to apply and the finish that it creates brings contras and depth to other finishes.