Brush Finishing Teak

Brush Finishing Teak

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For wood finishing

Milk paint

This adjustable and easy to use paint is made from 100% organic material. Milk paint is non-toxic, it protects from harmful fumes and it is safe for the environment.

Finishing oils

Oils can make any wooden piece look just like you wanted. They leave a very smooth and silky look that is also pleasant to the touch. Oil works great on floors and many other wooden surfaces.

Finishing creams and pastes

These non-VOC’s water base finishing creams and pastes are protective, tinted and they have a matte finish. They help in increasing and hiding trims, moldings and recessed areas on decorative surfaces.


Waxes are created so they can give your wooden piece the perfect look that you have been searching for. Here you can find paste wax, non-VOC waxes and many other various kinds of waxes.

Why Choose Us

Our company is the place where you can find lots of marvelous products for wood painting. Our mission is to create products that are environmentally friendly so they can be ideal for antique furniture, floors and walls. Other than Milk paint, we are also offering you a great number of finishing products for your painted wooden pieces.


  • Testemonial4

    "My husband and I are very happy with your milk paint! It's really easy to work with, we did all the painting jobs by ourselves."

    Sarah N.
  • Testemonial3

    "Finishing oil I've ordered is just perfect, it was just what I needed in the kitchen.  I can't wait to try your milk paint for our bedroom!"

    John T.
  • Testemonial2

    "I am glad that your finishing cream is made from organic materials, not to mention that they did a great job in hiding trims!"

    Ryan H.
  • Testemonial1

    "Your paste wax really made our old living room furniture look brand new! Now, there is no need to buy new furniture!"

    Gerald J.


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